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Have You Ever Wanted a Shark-Shaped Computer?

shark-shaped computer┬áhave evolved a little overall. Some might have various cooling mechanisms, while others might have glass displays and be covered with RGB lights. Of course, the specifications, speeds, efficiency, and cooling systems improve. Still, the tower’s actual design sees little innovation.

That’s about to change, as you can now buy computers that aren’t simply plain towers, as the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) just made known. The shark-shaped computer is among the most known examples.

What is Shark-Shaped Computer?

Shark X is the name of the shark-shaped computer from Cooling Systems. This isn’t just an empty container in that you add your components. It is completely outfitted with everything you require to begin going right away.

However, it’s a comfort for gamers who want everything set up or need help figuring out what they want to do with their system. This can disappoint individuals who want to outfit the shark with their stuff. Since it also includes some relatively high-quality products, it may be an improvement for many gamers whose GPUs are a few generations old.

Additionally, it provides some room for future additions or modifications. In this manner, you can preserve the cool shark design even when your PC receives significant advancements.

Shark X excited viewers when they discovered this is more than just a concept, in contrast to many designs unveiled during CES that are nothing more than flimsy ideas or conceptions.

The Leviathan Mod by Inony is the design inspiration for the shark. Although it appears top-heavy, the stand is solid and balanced, so it can withstand minor bumps without moving.

It is anticipated to be made available by the end of 2023.

How Do the Specs Work?

To match the design, the Shark X sports some very amazing visuals. It will have an AMD Ryzen 9 5950x or Intel Core i9-12900k processor. It can support GPUs as long as 335mm or as big as the GeForce RTX 4090 GPU. Moreover, a tiny ITX PC is included.

Despite its unusual design, it has a liquid cooling system. It can easily withstand the strain of some demanding video games. The back fin also has a Wi-Fi antenna and an SFX power supply. On the RAM that will be accessible, no information is presently known.

What Were Additional Concepts Announced?

Even though the shark console is fantastic, Cooler Master also unveiled several other cool products at CES. There is a shark-shaped computer and the Sneaker X as well. The Sneaker X is designed like a sneaker, as its name suggests.

Although it has about the same technology, there needs to be more room in the enclosure for a GPU upgrade past the RTX 3080 Ti. It can accommodate a 360mm AIO cooler radiator that mounts to the bottom of the chassis and can maintain a constant temperature without creating any air bubbles.

The Sneaker X should be available at some point in late 2023, similar to the Shark X. Although the Sneaker X design had already been unveiled, the official release date was delayed.

Cooling X is another option. Given that it resembles a typical skyscraper, this one isn’t quite as remarkable as the others. But because it’s a scaled-down tower, it offers tremendous performance in a small physical factor. Heat is vented using aluminum sidewalls and water cooling.

Workstations from Cooler Master were also available, including the ORB X, which surrounds you. Unfortunately, at $15,000 MSRP, this one is out of most people’s price range. But it does have a nice appearance and might be on every gamer’s wishlist. To help you select the ideal size, they provide monitor screens ranging from 27 to 57 inches. There is a charging pad on the desk, so you can use it while playing games.

The Dyn X is the last one. This has three changeable screens that go from the peripheral to the peripheral and is mostly intended for gaming. You can alter your choices for how close you want to be to the pedals, wheels, and driver’s cockpit.

Since everything has become more compact in gaming systems or towers, your wiring configuration can also look prettier. All the systems are decorated with RGB lights so you can feel like a true gamer.

All of this is fantastic, but it prevents you from playing while you’re on the road. Even the small Cooling X was designed to stand still. You will therefore have to make do for the time being with a conventional gaming laptop when you travel for work and use a car service in Washington DC.

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