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5 Must-See Attractions in Dubai City

Human ingenuity created much of the modern world. Dubai city exemplifies this. First sight or a lengthy study of the city may not reveal that this now-shining marvel was once desert. The inhabitants of Dubai city constructed their metropolis from nothing through willpower, technology, and resourcefulness. Consider Dubai Mall’s luggage storage so that you can catch everything. Read on for five must-see Dubai city attractions.

1. Dubai Mall

While we’re here, let’s chat about this mall’s wonders. You could spend a day here and only see some things. It’s one of the world’s largest malls; not your fault. This unusual space offers much more. It’s under 15 years old and open 16 hours a day. You won’t find a greater single sight in Dubai city.

2. Burj Khalifa In Dubai City

Who says you must choose only one city attraction? Nobody. This modern metropolis has more to offer than a week, so get moving. The world’s tallest building should be on your list as well. The Burj Khalifa, or Mission Impossible building, is over half a mile high. Your brain won’t properly appreciate how high this is unless you experience it in person. The Burj Khalifa is a must-see.

3. Global Village

If you thought Dubai city solely had Middle Eastern culture, you’re wrong. In Dubai’s Global Village. Here, you can interact with more than 90 foreign cultures. Global Village’s concerts may be its biggest draw. Popular, multicultural people, abound in these, as in the rest of the hamlet. Concerts are just the tip of the iceberg. Global Village combines an entertainment park, food court, and market.

4. Hop Aboard a Yacht Tour

Despite what ancient families and cultural chiefs wished for their legacy, cultures have evolved with the modern world. Dubai city is similar. Look at the Persian Gulf for proof. Here, yachts abound. The Middle East has benefited from the recent economic boom. Their boat choices reflect this. You’ll understand the appeal if you rent one. It would help if you didn’t miss seeing the city from this position.

5. Aqua venture Atlantis in Dubai City

Dubai city desert setting doesn’t stimulate water or water-related activities. It’s anti-water. You can swim with sea creatures in this city. What if you could also waterski there? Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark offers this to each visitor. Spend an afternoon here if 100 waterslides and dolphins intrigue you. This is still desert. Please bring sunscreen, or you won’t be able to do any sightseeing.
We’ve only scratched the surface of Dubai’s must-see attractions. Instead of letting culture shock overwhelm you, start someplace. Be courageous in this affluent city.

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