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7 Ways to Increase Ad Revenue

Predicting a company’s revenue might be challenging but using the appropriate technologies to precisely predict publishers’ ad earnings can help. Your ad revenue is influenced by many factors, including the design of the website, the number of advertisements, visitor demographics, ad viewability, etc. Website revenue estimators help estimate how much your website can make as long as you know the traffic and the niche it serves.

The revenue estimate provided by Monetize More’s ad calculator is based on your eCPMs, monthly pageviews, region, and average ad Revenue units per page. In addition, they provide publisher resources and cutting-edge ad technology to help you monetize your website and increase your earnings. The next step is to look at the advice provided in this blog post to increase your ad revenues once you estimate your ad revenue.

7 Techniques to Boost your Ad profits

As a publisher, there are various strategies to raise your AdSense income. These are a few suggestions for maximizing your ad Revenue earnings.

Pick a very Profitable Market

Knowing your topic is essential for making money through websites or blogging. For publishers, specific markets do better than others because more advertisers are ready to pay to display their advertisements on the publisher’s website. As a result, displaying adverts from such sponsors will increase your revenue.

Text and Image Ads that are Responsive

Displaying text and graphics increases the likelihood that visitors will click the ad being delivered on your website. Ultimately, this raises the click-through rate (CTR), which can raise the conversion rate.

Concentrate on Ad Revenue Placements and Size

Different ad sizes matter and influence your earnings. When developing your website, be sure to take these sizes into account.
The following sizes are available: 336 x 280 large rectangle, 300 x 250 medium rectangle, 728 x 90 leaderboard (learn more about it here), 300 x 600 half page, and on mobile, 320 x 100 large mobile banner.

Regarding Ad Revenue Placements

It’s preferable to use one large ad Revenue unit rather than two smaller ones positioned side by side if you want to include an ad unit in your landing page design.
Identify the first ad Revenue unit when utilizing several.
Maintain a balance between the number of adverts and the amount of content on the page.

Boost your SEO

Where your traffic originates is less critical, but you should put more effort into boosting your organic traffic.

Because it produces more conversions than any other sort of traffic, organic traffic is sometimes regarded as the best kind of traffic.

Placement (between posts)

A 60% or even higher CTR boost can be achieved by placing adverts between your content.
Your readers will read your blog entries if you write them well for them, and as a result of that interaction, they will click on your advertising. Utilize that interaction to display advertisements between your posts so that you can get compensated when a user clicks one of them.

Experiment Constantly

Try out various ad positions and formats to determine the best results. Please choose the option that best suits your needs by contrasting them.
Test your adverts frequently to determine which ones are most effective for you at any particular time.
You should constantly test what brings in the most visitors and web pages. You might need to adjust to traffic from various nations, sizes, CTRs, page visits (impressions), etc.


These days, it is essential for publishers to be aware of their future ad revenue, which is where ads revenue calculators come in.
You deserve to know how much you’re being paid about the worth of your traffic because you’ve worked hard to build it.
Since your traffic is their only avenue for reaching prospective customers, advertisers value it highly. When attempting to monetize your traffic and increase your ad revenue, it would be fair for you to be aware of how your ad revenue is determined so you may choose which customers to target.
Comment below with additional suggestions for boosting your ad earnings.

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