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Best Shopify Product Filter Apps in 2022

Being an entrepreneur is already a demanding occupation. However, it becomes even more so if you’re also managing your Shopify-powered e-commerce store. It takes time to look for good product filter apps that you may use to optimize your product type. Not to worry! The following post will help you in your search to locate Shopify’s top product filters.
Why is Shopify the best e-commerce platform for businesses?

Shopify has aided companies in expanding. But the following characteristics make Shopify the preferred website:

• Setting up and using Shopify is incredibly simple.

• Its online store is attractive to look at.

• Integrating apps with Shopify is a cinch.

• Its security can be relied upon.

• Very quick with modern hardware and software.

• It has built mobile-friendly stores.

• Dependable and helpful customer service.

• Provides simple payment options.

• Extremely SEO-friendly.

In 2022, the Top 5 Product Filtering Apps

1. Smart Search and Amp; Searchanise’s Instant Search

You may build intelligent search filters and recommendations with this app to increase conversion. You receive several beneficial features that greatly benefit your business. A widget, for example, will recommend comparable collections and goods if a consumer searches for something in your store based on the words they typed immediately. It offers a typo correction option to assist your consumers in finding the correct item even if they mistype the product name.

This app has many filters available, including reviews and tags. Moreover, displaying complementary products motivates your clients to purchase more than one item. The most excellent feature of using this app as a retailer is that you will receive thorough reports on search queries and sold product analysis to aid in performance monitoring.

2. CloudSearch’s Instant Search And Smart Search Filters

One of Shopify’s top product filters, it provides clients with rapid and accurate search results. It excels at providing suggestions so that users searching for products don’t have to write the whole term or phrase. The program fixes mistakes and enables you to efficiently investigate massive amounts of material. It differs from the competition for various reasons. It facilitates multilingual product searches for your customers and speeds up their search process. The combination of configurable filters and multilingual support makes this a valuable tool for customers and businesses.

3. Quick Simon Instant find, In

Instant search plus is ranked third on our list of Shopify applications. With the help of this software, you may enhance your search and merchandising to increase conversions. When a customer performs a search, they will receive immediate results and suggestions based on the characters they enter. It enhances the pleasure of the entire shopping experience and keeps customers interested. This app allows you to filter products and receive recommendations at no charge for a 30-day trial period. In addition to other capabilities, this app provides a quick view, add-to-cart, and badge features.

4. Omega Quick find Alpha Commerce

With the help of this app, you can improve store search and boost sales. This app’s suggestions are pretty accurate when using the storefront filters. As a retailer, you receive an analytics tool with a graphic presentation to assist you in determining the demand. Customers can filter things directly on a search result page using this app, which works with Shopify’s collection-based product filtering feature.

5. UpperCommerce Instant Search And Filter

This software is a fantastic tool for Shopify administrators to filter and search products and provides intelligent and quick search results. You receive a filter menu that is simple to use and has higher sales conversion rates. It suggests the precise goods that customers desire, and you don’t even need to configure anything. Additionally, it saves much time by reducing the number of steps needed to look for products. Additionally, you receive a typo correction tool that may automatically check for the missing spell. You can use the free dial for 14 days before deciding whether or not to keep using the app.

Keep reading if you’re wondering how to use Shopify’s product filter.

How Does The Shopify App Filter Products Work?

By default, Shopify displays all of your products in the Products area. A smaller subset of the items can be obtained by filtering this list from this point. Filtering your product list allows you to identify specific goods that you want to review, change, or update, which substantially aids in focusing your search.

The Shopify filter choices are as follows:

  •  Goods Vendor

Displays products from a few chosen sellers.

  • Availability

Informs you of the products that a sales network can offer.

  •  Status

Give information on a product’s status, which can be current, archived, or drafted.

  •  Linked to

Reveals the precise worth of goods with a tag.

  •  Product Class

Displays the products that fit into particular product categories.

  • Collection

The fact that it displays the stocks offered in a collection makes this one essential to comprehend. You cannot use additional filters or sort by inventory after choosing the Shopify collection filter. Similarly, if you’ve already applied a filter, this option is disabled.

Present card

Reveals the products that are compatible with gift cards for your shop.

Consider that you own a store where you offer wearables for sale. Now, you can utilize the filter option to search exclusively for T-shirts if you want to view a list of just your t-shirts. Shopify’s intelligent search will then only display items falling within that category.

You can continue to add other filters to make it more targeted and well-defined. Only the items that fully satisfy the criteria will be displayed in this manner.

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