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How to Get Clear Membership Discount

The well-known security programmed CLEAR was created to help travelers at the airport save time. At more than 60 US airports today, it assists many travelers in avoiding security waits. You might save roughly $60 on CLEAR membership if you are a member of specific airline reward programmed. Do you want to skip the airport security line? Here’s how airline loyalty programmed let you benefit from a discount for CLEAR membership discount.

Basics of CLEAR

You should only pay part of the amount for CLEAR membership discount because you don’t have to pay to join airline reward programmed. If you are a member of such loyalty programmed already, it is preferable to save $60. What advantages does CLEAR offer? The ability to forego the ID check is the largest benefit.

The passenger’s identity can be verified at dedicated kiosks to use specific lanes without the usual waiting in line. Your identification will be confirmed using facial recognition software and fingerprint scanning.

A cash advance on income tax refund will assist you in paying for essential expenses. It functions as an emergency loan when you file your federal income taxes but don’t want to wait for an IRS refund. Since it doesn’t require the same application process as traditional loans, many customers think it is more suitable for getting extra money. Only if you have the money is CLEAR a fantastic alternative.

It would help if you didn’t assume that CLEAR and Global Entry or TSA Precheck are interchangeable. Each of these programmed is unique, and each one can be helpful. While CLEAR employs biometric screening, Global Entry and TSA Precheck use physical screening, which may be quicker and more convenient for some travelers. Additionally, TSA Precheck users cannot remove liquids or laptops from their carry-on baggage. They can fly without taking off their shoes or belts.


Are you willing to apply for Clear to pass airport security more quickly? You must answer several online registration questions to enroll, and you must complete enrollment at any CLEAR airport location the following time you fly. You will receive quick, seamless security from CLEAR.

A yearly membership costs $189 in total. MileagePlus members receive a discounted price of $119. At the same time, holders of the United States Credit Card and Premier Silver, Gold, or Platinum can only pay $109. Does CLEAR capture biometric data? Yes, it makes use of your fingerprint, iris, and facial biometrics. At the airport, a CLEAR ambassador will assist you in getting these pictures. Remember to take a selfie when you register for the free mobile app.

How to Get CLEAR

In just three simple steps, you could receive CLEAR:

  1. To sign up for this programmed, visit the Delta or United websites directly.
  2.  To complete the enrollment procedure, go to a CLEAR facility. You can get aid from an ambassador to collect biometric information like fingerprints and eye scans. Since it can be completed in five minutes, there is no need to schedule an appointment.
  3.  You will be allowed to use the CLEAR dedicated lanes and skip lines the following time you travel. Your biometric data will be used to confirm your identity (fingerprints and eyes). You can proceed directly to the body scan and luggage inspection afterwards.

As of the first quarter of 2022, 49% of respondents said that Delta and American Airlines were their favorite airlines in the USA. Southwest was cited by nearly the same percentage of respondents (48%) as their preferred airline in the USA.

CLEAR with United Airlines: How to Get It

Do you participate in the United MileagePlus programmed? Then you may also receive a discount on CLEAR and only pay $119. If you have United’s Premier Silver, Gold, or Platinum status, you may purchase CLEAR for just $109 if you are prepared to pay less. Those with a United credit card may also qualify for this discount. In addition, if a traveler is a Premier 1K or United’s top-tier Global Services member, they might be eligible for complimentary CLEAR.

How to Get CLEAR through Delta

CLEAR membership discount can be purchased for $119 if you participate in Delta’s SkyMiles programmed. Additionally, those who use a Delta credit card can only pay $109. Passengers with Silver Medallion, Gold, or Platinum status with Delta are eligible for the same discounted rate. Online registration is available for incentives and Delta SkyMiles. New members can link their membership to their brand-new CLEAR account.

Free Trial

Every airline traveler can try CLEAR for free with a two-month trial, which is a fantastic alternative. With this choice, houses and families can gain. In the summer, do you do much flying and travelling? It may be a fantastic opportunity to sample CLEAR without cost and use its benefits without paying the annual membership fee.

CLEAR for Students

Students may also qualify for a discount. Students who enroll in CLEAR receive a discount of $50 per year for four years. For whom is this student discount available? Graduate students and students at two- or four-year colleges are eligible for this student discount. Whether this is your final year or the first semester, you can still qualify.

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