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Jobs You Can Get With CCNA Certification

A highly regarded IT credential is Cisco Certified Network Associate. The exam’s content covers a wide range of networking principles. It guarantees that test-takers for the CCNA certification are equipped to handle today’s difficulties. Find the top CCNA course on Udemy and examine the course’s curriculum if you want to brush up on your knowledge or learn something entirely new. It’s critical to avoid errors.

Such qualification serves as many people’s pass to the IT industry. But what can recent graduates who have just completed their studies rely on? We’ve added a list of potential ccna entry-level employment, but we’ve also added a few high-level roles. To learn more, keep reading.

Engineer for Technical Support

Engineers with technical support services assist internal staff members and customers with computer-related issues. These experts may accept messages. They filter emails, engage with customers in real time, or demonstrate how to use the tools. What more do they do except send clients invoices? Experts in technical support may also troubleshoot problems. They offer practical solutions and technical document procedures.

On users’ request, technical support engineers do office equipment diagnostics. They then set up and adjusted servers and workstations. They are also in charge of maintaining, adjusting, and fixing computers. Additionally, you will manage servers and LANs as well as update software. Many people view this career as the beginning of an IT one. But with effort, it can develop into a rewarding career for many years.

IT Security Professional

An expert in information technology security verifies the security of the company’s computers. They look into and pick security precautions like virus protection and detection software. Information technology experts upgrade systems. They create firewalls and restrict access to sensitive information. Digital data integrity is guaranteed by an IT security expert, who also prevents its loss or leaking. These individuals help and implement intrusion protection. They set up the network, guard against flaws and failures, and increase connection monitoring.

High hazards and ongoing stress are part of this job. Security breaches are primarily the fault of security specialists. Hacking technologies and invaders’ working techniques are constantly evolving. Therefore, IT security professionals must continually educate themselves. They stay current on the news in their industry. Are you considering a career in this field? Seek out more guidance on how to develop into a cybersecurity expert.

Engineer Telecom

Next on the list of CCNA-certified occupations is a telecom engineer. An organization’s numerous communication channels must be connected, which is the responsibility of a telecom engineer. They employ technologies for speech, data, and video. These experts also set up gear, arrange networks, and move communication data. Telecommunications engineers may also update or replace old equipment.

The telecommunications engineer provides the user access to the Internet. He offers IP telephone services and “lays” fiber optic networks. They are also responsible for setting up, running, and maintaining the network and its growth. Such an engineer guarantees the high caliber and dependable performance of systems.

Information Technology Director

What are the potential uses of a CCNA certification? You could work as an IT director if you have prior industry experience. The director of information technology manages the IT team of a company. They manage IT initiatives, create personnel calendars, and monitor processes. To solve issues, these specialists work together with other corporate specialists.

They look for and deal with IT vendors while looking into future new technologies. Directors frequently supervise the budget for their division and report to higher-ups on its success.

The coordinator is the director of information technology. He must therefore decide on a development strategy and create the necessary computer infrastructure. And primarily utilize your subordinates. Success is ensured by finding common ground with employees and skillfully managing their activities.

Only some of those tasks could be entirely delegated. The IT director was always in charge of making ultimate decisions on hiring and firing. This specialist must communicate with upper management at the same time. They must also articulate the need for their choices in plain terms.

Technician for Data Centers

Here is the last position on our list that requires a CCNA certification. Server maintenance is the responsibility of technicians at data centers. They install new server software, upgrade them, and fix any persistent issues. Additionally, these experts do tests to determine the issue. They swap out damaged parts. Technicians should retain thorough records of their work for further analysis.

The specialist’s duties include creating data systems using code and web architecture. They add new user functions and analyze and maintain the current databases. Making it as simple as possible for database users to obtain the information they require is the responsibility of a data center technician. Maintaining the information systems is another duty for the company’s future growth.


The CCNA certification’s objective is to confirm that you have a solid understanding of networking principles. And networking-related IT professions frequently need that. With a CCNA, you can work in a variety of positions. Utilize CCNA certification prospects if you have a thirst for learning new things and want to work in the IT sector. Our concise list of professions will aid you in making the best decision.

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