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The Procedure for Obtaining Legal Entity Identifier

Oversight of OTF-trading systems (regulated trading facilities), for example, results in securities oversight. This allocation was crucial because the OTF trading platform had never been regulated previously. Furthermore, investor safety is enhanced because securities service providers reveal the overall cost and impact on returns. The price of the product and service is reflected differently. Other aspects of MiFID II include investment adviser record-keeping responsibilities and staff certification requirements for financial portfolio managers.

The Markets in Financial Derivatives Regulation (MiFIR) supplements MiFID II, allowing national regulatory agencies in the European Union to restrict or prohibit the distribution and sale of financial instruments. Similarly, an Actual Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is necessary to undertake financial instrument transactions and identify its users, according to Article 26 of the MIFIR Regulation.

An Identifier for Legal Entities

The Legal Entity Identifier is a unique 20-character long-digit numeric identifier defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 17442).The required information about the parties involved in financial transactions can be conveniently referenced with the help of Legal Entity Identifier. It acts as a global directory, giving much-needed transparency, ownership structure data, and pertinent information about the parties engaged for the benefit of all parties involved.

Structure of LEI Codes

There is no intelligence or country code included in the Legal Entity Identifier code, which would cause confusion and complication for consumers. It is founded on four straightforward principles:

  1.   It is an international standard.
  2.  A unique identifier is assigned to each Legal Entity Identifier.
  3.  It is open to the public and free to use.
  4.  Assists in maintaining a high degree of data quality.

The Legal Entity Identifier code comprises 20 characters and is structured as follows: The letters 1-4 are assigned by the ROC Secretariat to each Lou (local operating unit).Protected letters are 5-6 letters (00). – Letters 7-18 refer to the 12 letters awarded to a particular organization via the LoU based on clear and correct allocation criteria. Under ISO 17442, the letters 19-20 are two check digits.

Updated Legal Entity Identifier Code

The validity of an LEI code usually is one year. The code must be changed through the application form to continue to use it. It may be accessed on the same website; the only difference is that this time you should select “Edit and Renew” rather than “Register.” Any changes to this section would require the approval of the authorized person. After inputting the LEI code in the form, all details show automatically. Any adjustments that are needed will be made. The “LEI Renewal” checkbox must be checked, and then the same form, payment, and document submission process must be followed. The LEI code is renewed, and confirmation is received upon successfully submitting all of the above.


Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) are required for any legal entity that conducts regular financial transactions, as the name implies. It’s simple to get an LEI; all you have to do is choose a good registration service provider and fill out the application. The service provider will verify your information and contact you with your LEI number.

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