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Top 5 Online Courses for After Effects Learning

After Effects learning is the second most common software used by professional designers, it is a program that enables designers to produce animation and graphic-based works, such as films and icons.

But because there are so many chances, each prospective designer must understand how to use After Effects. Using After Effects, users may make interactive animations that engage audiences or reveal details about items. Graphic designers can also use After Effects to render real-world objects in 3D for advertising reasons.

After Effects includes many features that were created with users in mind, it includes an easy-to-use interface that may be customized to perform the tasks you need it to. In this post, we’ve gathered a selection of the best After Effects tutorials available online in 2022. So let’s get started!

How Can After Effects Help Animators & Graphic Designers Create Better Designs?

Designers can build and control animations using sophisticated software called After Effects. However, it takes a lot of effort and expertise to use it effectively. After Effects learning is evolving into a crucial skill required by businesses and creative workers due to the demand for animators; additionally, it’s being used to help designers with little to no animation experience expand their horizons. It can also be helpful in other industries, such as web design and infographic creation. It can assist designers in manipulating various content kinds like text, shapes, and colors.

Designers and animators can realize their visions thanks to the fantastic capabilities provided by After Effects. These designers can produce digital sceneries that bring their designs to life using sophisticated motion graphics and procedures.

For all the reasons above, any designer wishing to further their profession in animation or graphic design must study After Effects.

Top After Effects Courses Online

1. The Best After Effects Tutorial on Learnvern

The After Effect tutorial from Learnvern is an online resource that offers detailed instructions on using this program to produce and export a polished video. This tutorial is appropriate for all skill levels.

The tutorials on Learnvern are made to be exciting and straightforward to follow. It requires no prior software or format knowledge and guides users through the entire creation process from beginning to end.

2. Tops Technologies’ After Effects Course

The new After Effects course from Tops Technologies features interactive projects and video instruction.

Tops Technologies has introduced a brand-new method for people to learn After Effects without having to deal with the burden of attending classes at physical institutions. In this new course, learners will learn how to use the tools so they can make eye-catching films, games, and animations.

The fundamentals of animation, making 3D objects in Cinema 4D, using lighting in After Effects using mental rays, working with keyframes in AfterEffects, and using masks and filters in the program’s effects panel are all covered in the After Effect course.

3. Billi4You’s Adobe After Effects Master Course

We’ll take you step-by-step through utilizing this software and all of its capabilities. Additional tutorials on artistic ideas like lighting, color grading, and compositing will also be given to you.

You can discover more than 100 different features of the software with the aid of the Adobe After Effects Learning Master Course. Additionally, you’ll have access to a free resource library with more than 200 scripts, hints, and lessons from some of the best creatives in the business.

Both novice and experienced users who want to understand this software from scratch can get a thorough review of it from Billi4You. Case studies showing how each feature is applied in actual circumstances are also included.

4. Media Training’s After Effect Intro & Training Course

Users who want to learn how to utilize After Effects can do it with the help of Media Training’s comprehensive training program.

Media Training is a full-service media organization focusing on digital video production, graphic design, and marketing. They provide cutting-edge presentations and training services for your upcoming event or project.

High-end software called After Effect is employed in creating motion graphics, visual effects, and compositing. Numerous well-known Hollywood directors have utilized it, offering a framework for moving images that are standardized in the business. You can learn how to use this program by taking the training course offered by Media Training.

You will learn the fundamentals of After Effects in the training course from Media Training coupled with a live project assignment. You’ll also learn how to use the application’s standard tools, such as filters, transitions, animations, text effects, and motion tracking.

5. ACME Collins School’s Course in Adobe After Effects

You might be interested in learning more about Adobe After Effects, the newest graphic design software. Although many online courses are accessible, it might be challenging to locate one that suits the demands of an existing consultant. By showing you how to utilize Adobe After Effects in a helpful way, this course will assist you in developing your skill set.

One of the most well-liked graphic design tools is Adobe After Effects, and using it will yield excellent results. It is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, making it suitable for professional and private projects.

Learn everything there is to know about this program, including how to use it for artistic purposes, in the Adobe After Effect course offered by ACME Collins School. You may learn how to make exciting graphics, animations, photo manipulations, and more with the help of this course.

Estimating Pay

Designers with creative flair often struggle to find and keep employment. They frequently lose out to other professional types which can apply for these positions with ease. Companies are becoming aware that these designers provide skill sets that are exclusively their own and might be utilized to increase value for the whole organization.

Companies are now investing in creative designers to boost their pay, take advantage of their skill sets, and raise the market value of their businesses.


One of the most in-demand skills for any designer is the ability to create animations and graphics. It would help if you studied a variety of programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and more, to become a skilled designer. But to build a solid foundation for your animation and graphic design job, you must master After Effects.

Beyond its value to designers, After Effect is crucial to learn. It will advance your skill set if you want to become an animator or a digital artist.

Check out: Top 5 Online Courses for After Effects Learning

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