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Top 6 Reasons to Learn Develop Android Apps?

Since 2008, Android apps has been the de facto standard for numerous mobile operating systems. Many people rely on Android to run their devices, so it’s still a fast-moving market. You may have heard of Android app development as a student but have been unsure if it’s right for you. This post will explain why students should learn Android app development to make their selection easier.

Six Reasons Students Should Learn Android Apps Development

Here are six reasons why students should devote time to learning Android apps development:

1. It is Open-source and Free Android App

Android apps is a widely used, free, and open-source operating system. You do not need to purchase a separate license to use and learn using the software. Many individuals use Android in various regions of the world on their mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. Android’s source code is open-source, which means anyone can look at it and contribute to it. Working on open-source projects can help you stand out from the crowd, so you should think about learning the language.

2. There are Numerous Job Openings

Android Apps controls 70% of the global mobile operating system market, making it the most popular operating system. This implies that many people, startups, and businesses could benefit from your services. When you’ve mastered Android apps to the point where you’re an Android developer, you can start working on personal or professional projects.

You could create your app, and it doesn’t have to be complicated in some circumstances. As long as people like it, you’ll be able to download your app to roughly 70% of the world’s devices. For starters, because there is a market, you could decide to concentrate on useful apps for students.

3. You Develop Problem-solving Abilities

Learning Android apps would entail facing problems daily. The entire process may not go smoothly because programmers frequently encounter computer “bugs” and problems. The ability to address this kind of challenge makes programmers so sought after and well-compensated. You may not have the best problem-solving skills when you first start learning Android, but with time and practice, you will. You can also use numerous internet platforms to address your Android problems, such as Stack Overflow.

4. Learning Does not Take Long

Programming languages don’t take long to learn, but Android is significantly faster. Android is fast and dependable; two characteristics frequently used to define WritingUniverse.com are due to the positive feedback from students who have utilized their writing services.

Depending on how much spare time you have, you can learn Android in a few months. As a student, you might decide to devote four hours on weekends to learning Android apps in three months. Because of your previous programming language experience, you may be able to learn and grasp it in less time.

5. It Can be Beneficial For Students

Many different types of people are interested in becoming Android developers. You could teach about Android apps to other students searching for a tutor or work on freelancing projects while still in school. Students have reported earning as much as $500 per month after only 4 hours of labor.

This could supply you with the funds you require to address some personal expenses. Additionally, the talents you’ll acquire will make you a more expensive developer. You may earn twice as much as you charge over time, and by the time you graduate from college, you will be in a strong position to enter the job market.

6. You can Improve Your Creativity by Using Android Apps

Not every problem can be solved by brute force; this is a typical occurrence in programming. As a computer programmer, you’d have to think beyond the box when presented with problems. You can even end up changing how processes were previously carried out.

As their own experiences and those of their colleagues shape their thinking abilities to that of a more creative person, an Android apps developer tends to grow more and more creative with time. This creative approach can be extended to other areas of life, such as academics.


At times, learning something new can be a mental and physical strain. Academic and personal obligations may make learning Android tough for students. However, it’s a skill still in high demand in the job market. It can give you the security you’ll need after graduation. Hopefully, the tips and information in this post have persuaded you that learning Android app development is worthwhile.

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