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What Does the LEI Code Mean to you?


One instance of the oversight of securities is the OTF-trading system (regulated trading zones). This allocation was crucial because the OTF trading platform had not previously been controlled. The disclosure of the overall cost and the impact on returns by LEI securities service providers has increased investor protection. They also exhibit the cost of the good or service in various ways. The criteria for financial portfolio managers to maintain records and meet employee credentials are also covered by MiFID II.

The Markets in Financial Products Regulation (MiFIR), which gives national regulators in the European Union the power to regulate or prohibit the distribution and sale of financial instruments, complements MiFID II. Similar to this, the MIFIR Regulation’s Article 26 states that an Actual Legal Entity Identifier is necessary for transactions involving financial instruments and identifying their users.

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Identifier of the Legal Entity

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), based on the ISO 17442 standard, is a 20-character extended numerical code. The International Organization for Standardization created it. You may easily access the necessary data regarding financial transactions using the LEI. It functions as a world directory that gives everyone access to transparency, ownership information, and essential specifics about the parties to financial transactions.

LEI Code Organization

The LEI code lacks any in-built intelligence, country codes, or other elements that might confuse consumers or make it overly complex. It is based on four straightforward principles: 1. It adheres to the global norm. 2. Each legal entity has a distinctive identification. 3. All users can access it without charge. 4. Excellent data quality. The LEI code is 20 characters long and is structured as follows: Letters 1-4 are applied at the ROC Secretariat and are particular to each LoU. – The letters are shielded by five to six letters (00). 12 letters, from 7 to 18, were given to an entity by the LoU. They are founded on fair, transparent allocation procedures. For the letters 19 through 20, ISO 17442 stipulates the need for two check digits.

Update on LEI

Typically, an LEI code is valid for one year. To keep using the code, it must be renewed via the application form. It is accessible through the same internet resource. The only distinction is that you select “Edit and Renewal” rather than “Register.” An authorized individual must make any changes to this section. After you have entered the LEI code, all information will instantly show in the form. All necessary adjustments will be made. The “LEI Renewal” checkbox must be selected appropriately. Following that, the same steps as before—form completion, payment, and document submission—will be followed. The LEI code will be reissued, and confirmation will be received once all of those above have been successfully performed.


As the name suggests, Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) are necessary for any legal entity taking part in financial operations. Obtaining an LEI is easy. Selecting a licensed service provider and completing the application are the only requirements. The service provider will then confirm your data and contact you to provide you with the LEI number.

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