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Secure Hosting Without Compromise

Discover security features and look up secure hosting options for your website. This article will explain how to make your Server into an impregnable fortress.

You’ll need backups, file and data security, secure email, DNS, SSL, web server separation, and WAF to accomplish it. Of course, there are also the best Managed Dedicated Servers, which give you complete control over the system and exclusive access. Everything you need to know about security is provided here.

What Makes Security Crucial?

By using server services, you give the secure hosting company access to your data as well as the data of the visitors to your website. Your website files, emails, and backups of crucial data are kept on the machines. Because of this, you must pay close attention to security concerns when selecting a hosting provider.

Security, in actuality, isn’t everything, though; you may also use it as a negotiating chip. For instance, you may design dedicated hosting specifically for DAX investors and put it on German dedicated servers.

Why not even try to identify a hosting company with a server near the London, New York, or Frankfurt Stock Exchanges? Marketing messages like “The most secure Frankfurt Dedicated Servers for DAX Investors” will animate your marketing plan!

What Kind of Hosting Should I Select?

You must be the sole person using it if you want an impregnable castle on the internet. The software on the device must be totally under your control, and you must determine how to use its resources. Dedicated servers in Germany, France, or the United States are the safest choice because these nations are regarded as reliable and secure.

Although VPS will provide you with many options for changing the settings, you still cannot access all of the computer’s options in this situation. There are multiple virtual machines split up inside the computer. You and the other users on the same physical disc share the space. In most cases, it is a workable resolution that doesn’t compromise security.

A dilemma develops when you need to utilize sophisticated computer security measures and need help to afford to share a single system with everyone. It primarily applies to businesses in the financial sector that handle sensitive data and cannot risk compromising security. Are you affiliated with the NYSE, LSE, or Deutsche Borse in any way? Germany Dedicated Servers are, therefore, the most practical choice.

Backup of Data

In the same way, you should back up your computer files and do the same for the data on the Server. The hosting business, however, is crucial in this scenario. Being diplomatic means taking extra precautions to ensure your security; thus, in addition to your hosting provider’s backups, you should also maintain your security copies. Several of them should be kept on a computer’s hard disc, an external drive, or the cloud for the sake of security. It takes a few mouse clicks to download the file and create a backup.

Delete older backups because they take up a lot of space. In this case, it makes no difference if you have a dedicated server, limitless bandwidth, and a large SSD NVMe. It makes no sense to keep the backup files on the same Server. Your backups should be located in several locations. You might have less room there than you have on your hosting Server.

The frequency of their creation should be daily. This is important information to consider regarding the secure hosting company’s backup policy.

Storage time, or the ability to restore older copies. The business must retain such copies for at least seven days. Depending on the file type, different rules may apply to databases, internet files, and email.

Using a backup can be as simple and convenient as I just described, which only requires a few mouse clicks. In other instances, you might need to get a copy and upload it on your own, or you might need to contact the administration with your request. The installation date and generation frequency are crucial factors.

Certificate for SSL

At the moment, using an SSL certificate is commonplace. You will receive Let’s Encrypt certificates for free from a reputable source. Data sent between the service and the device cannot be intercepted or altered thanks to encryption. Of course, there are also paid SSLs available in addition to the free ones.

If a browser shows the correct information next to the address field and the website address is HTTPS, anyone can determine whether a given website uses an encrypted connection. There are three types of SSL certificates:

DV (Domain Validation) is a standard level of security. The verification process is restricted to merely confirming your authorization to use the domain via email.

OV (Organization Validation) – The business requesting the certificate is inspected in addition to the domain.

The greatest level of testing is EV (Extended Validation). The domain and the applying company are both examined. It is a lot more thorough. Banks, significant corporations, and governmental organizations among others use these certificates.

Let’s Encrypt is adequate if you don’t handle sensitive personal data. However, you must choose a higher level of protection if you store more important data. An EV SSL certificate should be used, for instance, for a financial service hosted in Germany on dedicated servers.

DNS Safety

The domain name system is known as DNS. Thanks to it, you can access the website by simply typing the website address alone rather than the IP address. The top dedicated servers can offer the following fixes to safeguard your DNS servers:

DNSSEC safeguards your domain from being sent to a phony website or another location. The user’s query will return with an authentication key after entering your address in the browser, reassuring you that the IP address is accurate.

DNS Any cast: By maintaining DNS servers in many locations throughout the world, failures are protected. If one of the servers fails, another step in, and the services keep functioning normally.

Security for Emails

Email is crucial in business. Businesses use it to exchange enormous files. Therefore you need a dedicated server, unmetered bandwidth, and a high level of protection. One of the methods used by internet thieves for phishing attempts is email.

They attempt to extort information or money by posing as service providers, courier services, well-known businesses, or authorities, such as the German tax authorities. A dedicated Server can shield you from various dangers, but you should still be cautious.

Additionally, thieves may pretend to be your business and send messages from your address. Still, the chances are slim if your service provider has strong security measures.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an entry in the domain’s DNS that notifies email boxes to which we send messages that this Server with a certain IP address is authorized to send mail on behalf of this domain. This message is not meant to be distributed via SPAM.

Digitally signing your emails with DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) verifies that they are from you.

SPF and DKIM are combined in DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance), which opens up several additional options. The DMARC protocol specifies whether all emails sent from addresses in your domain need to be signed and, if not, what the Server should do with them.

A Secure File Transfer

Files should only be uploaded to the Server over a secure hosting. FTP doesn’t use encryption. SFTP is a much better choice (SSH File Transfer Protocol). You must pick a secure hosting that provides SSH access to use it. Nevertheless, the greatest dedicated server provider is what you’re seeking, so that company will have SSH.

Separation of Web Servers

The most frequently attacked CMSs are the well-known ones. For a hack, the hackers require an outdated plugin in which an error was found, an outdated template, or an obsolete version of a specific CMS. Page separation aims to treat each server directory as a distinct entity. If a domain’s files are infected, those files cannot harm the other domains’ directories.

Here, you can see a dedicated server’s greatest benefit. The biggest benefit of keeping the server safe is the freedom to modify it to your specifications. Unlimited bandwidth, quick processors, and lots of rams are apparent.

WAF (Web Application Firewall) (Web Application Firewall)

There should be various security lines on your German dedicated servers. WAF is among the most important components of these security measures. It is a clear web application protection solution that enables you to filter out undesired material and safeguard the website against data theft or other criminal activity:

A SQL query fragment is injected into the application as part of SQL Injection. The attacker will then access website files, user information, and more.

Cross-Site Scripting: This assault entails inserting specific code into a target website, which could result in the execution of undesirable behaviors.

Gaining unauthorized access to files or directories to which access should be forbidden is known as directory traversal.Fh

The danger of an incident like this is minimal if WAF is successfully hosted.

Keeping the Secure Hosting

The security of access to the hosting panel is a crucial consideration. It serves as the hub of every action. If burglars get in via the window, all of your dedicated Server’s benefits, including unmetered bandwidth, security measures, WAF, and performance, will be useless. And this window can end up serving as the hosting panel’s login page. Thus, your provider is required to employ SSL and two-factor authentication. Additionally, you must protect your access information, like the key to a gold vault.

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