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6 Underutilized Backlink Sources to Capitalize On

The majority of company websites must build a network of backlinks. In light of this, you should constantly look for underutilized backlink sources. The best ones will increase your website views and conversions without consuming your marketing budget.

If you need assistance building your network, below is a list of backlink sources. We’ll also spend some time talking about some obscure backlink sources that your business might find useful.

Inactive Domains

Having the perfect domain name can bring you much money. This is unquestionably true if you want to build a stronger network of backlinks.

Check out the auctions on websites like SnapNames or GoDaddy Auctions to purchase domain names that are about to expire. When you purchase one, you can set up a 301 redirect pointing to your business’s website.


Businesses adore prominently displaying client reviews on their websites. Suppose you ask the business to do so. In that case, they will display a review you submit for a product you’ve purchased and enjoyed on their website.

They normally agree to incorporate a backlink to your website in the testimonial as evidence that you are a real person.

Website Feedback Sites Submission

Several websites offer comments on websites. However, they are rarely used as a source of backlinks. Just ask them to review your website once you submit it to one.

You might request that they include a do-follow backlink to their criticism. You add that hyperlink to your network and receive some genuine criticism of your website, which you include.

Jobs for Guest Posts on Twitter

Please spend time on Twitter to find people looking for guest posts for their websites. You can write a guest article for them and include a hyperlink to your website if you contact them.

That backlink sources will be proudly displayed on the blog. Just be careful that the website where you post guests does not have a bad reputation because it could adversely affect you.

Software Contributions

You can submit to software directories and request that they include a backlink to your website when they publish your product. It might seem that utilizing an open-source operating system would require specialist knowledge, but this is not the case.

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can make a straightforward puzzle-style game in minutes. The software is then easily submitted, and you receive the hyperlink that goes with the content.

Create Broken Links

When searching on Google, enter your niche followed by words like “links” or “research page.” A list of broken links will be returned to you when you do that.

At that moment, you email the webmaster in charge of fixing the broken link to inform them of the issue. As a thank you for alerting them to the broken link, you also inform them of your website and request that they post a link.

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