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Use These 5 Apps to Improve Your Writing

Whatever your line of employment, you can benefit from improved writing abilities. Whether you work in marketing or sales or are a teacher, the benefits are clear. Still, even if you occasionally send out emails, better writing can help you communicate your thoughts and make your point. And if you’re a student, practicing writing until it comes naturally to you is the greatest way to receive essay help—other than speaking with writing experts.

Various writing tools are available, so we’ll concentrate on those that apply to everyone, regardless of their background or line of work. In other words, those that will enable you to modify your writing strategy.

Here are the top five:

1. Grammarly

With good reason, this is one of the most well-liked writing apps available. Grammarly streamlines the editing process by immediately identifying all grammatical, spelling, and punctuation issues and offering the appropriate correction along with an explanation. Editing your work may be a genuine pain at times. The fact that Grammarly offers a free plan is another fantastic feature.

You can also integrate Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Outlook into apps. Additionally, it’s accessible as a Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge extension. It works with other iOS and Android devices in addition to your iPad.

2. The Hemingway App

Hemingway App makes it easier for you to write in Ernest Hemingway’s sparingly used, economical style. Naturally, it won’t make you the next Hemingway. Still, it will help you write more succinctly and without superfluous adjectives, adverbs, and details. You may also use the app to look up shorter variations of your sentences. as well as to utilize less passive verbs.

The program also graded the improve your writing, allowing you to modify your content to suit the reading ability of your intended audience. Those who choose not to use it in their browser can also download it to their computer.

3. Coffitivity

The fact that writing demands your complete focus and attention is among the hardest aspects of it. Now, while for some people, that entails complete silence, for others, it seems to mean background noise or even writing with their favorite music screaming in the background. Your objective should be to improve your writing productivity in both situations, which is where Coffivity comes in.

Essentially, it’s a website that lets you set up the most comfortable setting for yourself as a writer. How so? Well, it includes several songs that imitate some of the most popular ambient sounds, including those from your favorite café or the campus of your university, so you can concentrate on finishing your writing as quickly and distraction-free as possible.

4. 750 Words

Writing well takes consistent practice, and the 750 words app encourages you to do just that. Although writing 750 words every day might seem daunting, if you establish a daily pattern, it will become much easier. You will improve because you exercise your writing muscles every day, no matter what you write about.

This software offers an award system that provides points for completing your deadlines and word count to keep you motivated. Additionally, it automatically calculates your word count, so you don’t have to. Additionally, it helps you to analyze your writing statistically so that you may pinpoint your areas of weakness as a writer and increase your output.

5. Thesaurus and Dictionary Onlook Reverse

Finding the appropriate word can occasionally be more difficult than it appears, especially if you are thoroughly researching a subject and don’t want to use the same words twice. You will always have appropriate words to use in your emails, essays, letters, or blog posts with the help of Onlook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus (it’s a mouthful).

All you have to do is enter a topic you’re working on. The tool will give you a list of words that are closely linked to it and that you’re most likely to use, along with the definition of the word you just typed. It will assist you in developing your vocabulary in a fun way.


Writing requires more than a natural talent; it also requires learning the craft and equipping oneself with the necessary resources. We hope this has made it easier for you to choose the latter. Good fortune!

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