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Books begone! How do people read in 2022 

It should go without saying that today’s readers consume literature differently than they did back when books were initially published. But in 2022, how would people read? Let’s examine the most widely used reading-related products and platforms in the current day.

Actual Books

Despite the digital revolution, printed books are still widely used. Only 23% of people globally buy eBooks, while 45% of people worldwide buy at least one physical book each year, according to Statista.
There are many things to appreciate about reading, and voracious readers undoubtedly take pleasure in both the act of reading and the material itself. This implies that it might be challenging to replace how a book feels in your hands, the aroma of a new book, and the sound of the pages turning.
eBook users.

Even though printed books could be more physically appealing, avid readers will probably notice that they take up a lot of space. This explains why many individuals appreciate both digital and traditional literature.
Ebooks are precisely what they claim to be: electronic books. You can enjoy a wide variety of your favorite novels and writers on one sleek gadget by uploading ebooks to ebook readers.
This is especially useful for those who enjoy traveling because it allows you to pack hundreds of books without running out of room in your suitcase. They are ideal for folks who consume books astoundingly because they are typically substantially less expensive per book than physical copies.

Mobile Device or Tablet

Some ebooks can be uploaded onto a smartphone or tablet in addition to ebook readers. However, reading online books, journals, and academic papers is where smartphones and tablets genuinely shine.
Fan fiction is another common reading material accessed on cell phones and tablets. Although fan fiction frequently has a poor rap from literary purists, it is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among younger generations.

Library Borrowing

While the aforementioned has discussed buying books to read whenever one wants, let’s not forget about borrowing services. Most, if not all, members of the larger community can access these services, whether offered by a school, institution, or public library.
The coronavirus pandemic harmed libraries, but one thing that kept them going was their expansion into ebooks and audiobooks. Commuters and young families enjoy audiobooks because you can listen to the books read aloud while driving or on the train.
streaming music services
Regarding audiobooks, various streaming providers have begun offering this format, including Apple Music and Audible, through Amazon. In contrast to the audiobooks available at the library, most books must be bought outright rather than checked out. However, for some people, the convenience that audiobooks provide is worth it.


In 2022, many of us read on our laptops without even knowing it. You can read blogs like this, webpages, and news stories directly from a laptop or computer. Therefore, it would not be prudent if computers weren’t given a special nod in the contemporary reading custom.
You can see that books are becoming increasingly digital. But despite all, the printed book continues to hold its own against its digital rivals.

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