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Types of Backlinks: Which Should Focus on Building?

There are 7 types of Backlinks are among the most popular SEO techniques that can increase traffic to a website. Establishing backlinks to reputable websites is crucial for search engine rankings and can determine how high or low a website ranks.

But how should you employ them optimally? What sorts of backlinks are there, exactly? Here are seven of the best backlinks you may employ and which ones you should concentrate your efforts on, to keep things simple.

1. Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks may be one of the most effective link-building strategies. When your website is highlighted in a link roundup on a certain subject, your content is cited as a source of information, or a company representative is quoted, editorial backlinks are created.

2. Webinar-related Links

Webinars can offer helpful information, including references to websites with pertinent data. Several websites frequently link to webinars on their pages for other individuals to discover what your firm does.

3. Reference Backlinks

When significant events occur, such as when a representative speaks or an industry event is being held, many websites display acknowledgments. You can build a strategy to get your website recognized types of backlinks by looking at the origin of your competitors’ links.

4. Backlinks Coming From Blogging

Get some backlinks to your blog if you’re requested to write as a guest blogger on another website. A great strategy to increase traffic to your website and establish yourself as a trustworthy source is to guest post on well-known websites that will link to you. Due to its ease of usage, guest blogging should be a key component of every SEO strategy.

5. Backlinks within Comments

You have the opportunity to link back to your website when you leave a comment on someone’s blog. The drawback is that spammers frequently utilize it to increase traffic or post misleading links that mislead users. Even though there are more trustworthy approaches, they should nonetheless be considered.

6. Free-Tools

Offering a free online tool that users can use can be a terrific approach to increasing traffic and types of backlinks to your website. Something as basic as a cost calculator for businesspeople could be incredibly helpful as they won’t have to pay for an expensive program. They might link to it and recommend your free tool to other companies.

7. Badge 

Badges are utilized and given to other businesses as a kind of acknowledgment for accomplishments. Since these websites would be proud to display these badges and have them linked to your page, awarding them is also an excellent strategy to build backlinks.

Although using backlinks won’t make or break your traffic, you should do so. Avoid backlinks from unreliable press releases, low-quality directory links, and purchased links. These can degrade the caliber of your content and undermine user confidence in your website.

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